Made in France

100% produced in the Loire valley 

Digitally assisted laser cutting and/or punching as well as folding ensure speed and precision, while assembly and finishes are entirely hand-made 

Steel or other metals along with most accessories are produced in France, guaranteeing a Made in France production by YVELINOX. 


Traceability: A dedicated team for each project 

Our projects are entirely traceable. For each piece of furniture produced, whether in the designers’ office or workshop, a team is dedicated to each customer. Once a project is completed, archives including technical data prepare for speedier future after sales service or complementary orders. 

At Yvelinox, we care for the environment. 

Our production is made to be: 

-long-lasting: the quality of our steel and design prepare for easy troubleshooting. 

-recyclable: our steel and most materials used are recyclable. 

-environment-friendly: cooling gases comply with regulations. 

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